Fly01 POS App

Interaction and Visual Design payment forms interface

Fly01 POS app is a tablet application to facilitate sales processes in a store. The salesperson can show and consult products in stock, start the ckeckout process and complete the sale through this app.

During the design process, we took care of every touchpoint, in order to provide a great user experience, considering the salesperson persona -  they are not so familiar with digital devices.

This project mobilized several teams in the company, including business partners, technical leads, designer(me) and a product manager.

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The Design Process

First, we mapped all the user tasks to simplify the download of the app, installation, setup, onboarding access and how to use (quick tutorial). Also, we identified loads of opportunities to make this app easier to use.

All the tablet interaction variables were considered - touchscreen target sizes, typography size, constrast and brightness, notifications, screen resolutions and feedback transitions beetwen contexts and states.

Analysis diagram for instalation, setup and onboarding steps Paper prototype interface

Styleguide - buttons and form elements

Buttons and Form elements

Styleguide - Steps

Checked Steps Tablet Desktop Icon

Installation Steps

Validation Interface Installation Steps interface

Onboarding Instructions

Login form Instructions - Page functions Instructions - how to access the main functions of the system

Selling a product

Scanning the barcode using the camera Checking the product, amount and discounts Inform the payment form and details If an user touch on the list of products, It shows a dialog to give the options to edit or cancel a specific product


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