TOTVS Customer Portal

Design Thinking and Information Architecture

The redesign of TOTVS customer portal was conceived to optimize all the navigation flows and solve usability issues, providing a faster way to open and consult support requests, among other improvements.

Design Team: Bruno Perrone and Vanessa Siqueira

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The Design Process

We applied the Design Thinking approach to redesign the portal. We ran brainstorming workshops with TOTVS employees mobilized in this multidisciplinary project.

Participation of TOTVS employees in the ideation stage Best ideas picked up after the ideation workshop

Information Architecture

We conceived the new information architecture and navigation model of the customer portal. Also, we built a high-fidelity prototype that helped us to check the Usability and document all the new features and user interactions.

user navigation macro-flows and pages hierachy Support Request Form Online chat to support the user at the moment of filling out the form Help center page Feedback after opening a support request. Software lifecycle page Dialog box with new notifications Notifications preferences setup Home page


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